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JavOps Ltd is a software development company based in Helsinki, Finland, established in 2020.

With JavOps as a technology partner, you can make your processes more efficient, solve problems and fill the needs of your customers with software. JavOps can manage and implement all application components, frontend, backend, databases, deployment, hosting and delivery for you.

JavOps can implement your software needs as a managed project or, alternatively, a JavOps expert can seamlessly integrate into your software team.


Jani Piippo is an expert in web and mobile development with experience from domestic and international customer projects in central roles as responsible full stack developer and project manager. Jani has worked in international distributed teams for his whole career. Working language in those projects has been English.

Feedback from customer projects

Jani is Scrum Master trained and he has a Master of Science degree in software evelopment.

Let's get in contact, and see, how JavOps could participate in developing your software.


Implemented a suite of applications for planning and implementing planned maintenance on large cranes for a Finnish customer. The suite consists of a web application on which the maintenance manager plans out and monitors the maintenance, and a mobile application using which the maintenance personel follows the maintenance steps and reports the results. Used technologies: React, React Native, Spring Boot.

Designed the architecture and implemented a mobile application for a rolling machine predictive condition monitoring system for a German client. Extended and implemented new microservices to the microservice-based backend of the system. Extended the user interface of the web application of the system. Used technologies: Flutter, Backbone.js, Spring Boot.

Built a proof-of-concept of a web application for managing heavy vehicle tyre configurations for a Finnish customer. Later implemented the software into part of the customer's software suite. Used technologies: Angular, .NET.

Acted as the Project Manager in a project implementing a condition monitoring system for turbine engines. The project was implemented a month ahead of schedule with only 80% of the total budget used.


Ampuma is a SaaS platform for sport shooters. Ampuma allows the sport shooter to capture and save the best moments of their hobby. The sport shooter can collect data about their sport, and use the data to stay focused and improve. The app replaces and expands traditional paper shooting logbooks with a modern all-in-one solution covering all the aspects of shooting - everything from easy collecting of data to easy output, be it printing or graphical analysis. Ampuma consists of Android and iOS applications and a website.

You can get Ampuma on Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you are looking for Ampuma-related support, you can find it on